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Video on the Energy Smart Home Lab (under MeRegioMobil)

The Energy Smart Home Lab

Layout of the Energy Smart Home Lab on the KIT Campus

The Energy Smart Home Lab – tomorrow's smart home – was developed at KIT under the MeRegioMobil project and demonstrates possibilities of combining in an integrated approach the areas of living (smart home), transport (electric mobility), and energy (smart grid) such that best possible use of renewable energy sources is ensured and comfort of living is increased at the same time.


In cooperation with strong partners from industry, the Vehicle2Grid Scenario was demonstrated for the first time in Germany, i.e. integration of the electric vehicle in the energy management of a household. In this way, claims for the future leading market and the role of leading supplier of electric mobility can be underlined and strengthened. KIT scientists did not only create a platform for a number of experiments under current joint projects, but succeeded in making the smart grid a sustainable experience.


The Energy Smart Home Lab consists of an apartment of 60 m² in area with two bedrooms. The apartment is equipped with latest technology. Via the energy management panels (EMP), the inhabitants always have an overview of current energy flows in the house as well as of the current electricity consumption. The energy management panels also are the user interfaces for interaction with the energy management system (EMS) and open up the degrees of freedom of the inhabitants. For example, inhabitants can specify the next planned drive with their electric vehicle or the latest possible time at which the laundry is to be ready.


The electricity for the smart home is generated by a 4.8 kW photovoltaics system on the roof and a -cogeneration unit. As a result of this cogeneration scheme, the electricity arising and the produced heat can be used. An electric vehicle connected to the house is used as a temporary buffer store, via which the solar power produced at noon time can also be used in the evening.


Further information is provided by our videos on the predecessor project MeRegioMobil.